Understand your projects
The project window shows graphically the relationships between branches, tags, and commit points. Copies and merges are clearly indicated, so you can quickly understand the relationships between branches. Compare commit points to see how things have changed from one point in time to the next.
Project Window


Browse repository contents
The repository window displays a hierarchy of the projects, folders, and files within a repository. This view shows information about each asset, including when it was last modified, who made the change, log messages, and lock status.
Repository Window


See what is out of sync
The file window displays a hierarchy of the folders and files on the file system. Status indicators show when a working copy is out of synch with the repository and when the repository has changes that are not yet incorporated in the working copy.
File Window


Never forget history
Every file and folder has a history detailing what, when, and by whom the changes were made. The history is available for most repository objects, including individual files and folders, sets of files and folders, branches, and tags.
History Window


For certain eyes only
The Access Manager is one of the tools for managing a repository server. In the Access Manager, administrators can define users and groups, or import them from corporate systems such as NIS, LDAP, or Active Directory. Permissions for accessing and modifying parts of the repository can then be assigned.
Access Manager